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Liberty Property Legal PLLC was founded 25 years ago in Plymouth, Michigan by Robert Mullen. Rob has a wide range of experience in criminal and civil litigation in both Michigan and Federal Courts. He has two slogans that define our firm’s approach to practicing law; “We work for the client” and “facts make cases.” While experience and results undoubtedly matter, an attorney-client relationship is defined and built by trust and authentic conversations with each client. We see ourselves as defenders and advocates for our client’s liberty and property interests. Through a fine-tooth comb review of each case’s evidence and our client’s circumstances and priorities we develop favorable solutions to suit our client’s needs. This individualized approach allows us to recognize the aspects of a case we have control over and those we do not, in order to leverage the best position to our client’s advantage.

Practice Areas

Criminal Law - State & Federal

Civil Rights Litigation

Simple Estate Planning

Driver’s License and Firearm Right Restoration

Our Team

  • Robert S. Mullen

    Senior Partner

    Miles J. Gerou

    Associate Attorney

    Daniel A. Munoz


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